Biblical Criticism and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Conference Series, February–May 2021

The Dead Sea Scrolls continue to enrich biblical studies, challenging established frameworks and encouraging new methodological developments. The conference series ”Biblical Criticism and the Dead Sea Scrolls" features leading scholars whose past contributions have significantly shaped this area of investigation. Papers press further into the implications of the Scrolls for biblical studies, exploring aspects of the evidence that have not yet been brought to bear on the field.


18 February, 2021: Jonathan Ben Dov, "Theological and Halakhic Corrections in the MT Pentateuch"

See also the handout referred to in the talk.


25 February, 2021: Benjamin Ziemer, "The Textual Situation in Exodus"

See also the handout referred to in the talk.


4 March, 2021: Laura Quick, "Poetry and Textual Criticism in 4Q184"


11 March, 2021: Andrés Piquer Otero, "The Dead Sea Scrolls in the Textual History and post-History of the Historical Books"


29 April, 2021: Mika Pajunen, "Methodological Navigation in the Matrix of Manuscripts, Literary Works, and Textual Traditions"


6 May, 2021: Innocent Himbaza, "Literary Developments in the Book of Leviticus"


13 May, 2021: Brent Strawn, "Rethinking ‘Alternative’ Sequences in the Psalms Manuscripts from Qumran"